Instructing PLP

Instructing PLP

Whether you are a private landlord with one property or commercial landlord with a large portfolio, instructing PLP Lettings & Management team couldn’t be easier.

On receiving your instructions to the manage property, PLP will:

Step 1 – Visit the property to assess its condition, location, features and rental value. Photographs will be taken for marketing purposes and we will advise you of the statutory requirements that must be adeared to by law. If applicable at this point we will also undertake a full inventory and schedule of condition of the property.

Step 2 – Following the property inspection, PLP will advise you in writing of any actions or work that is required before the property can be let. Whereever possible, we will advise you of costs, timescales and ask for your authority to undertake any necessary work before proceeding. You remain in control at each and every stage of the management process and you can choose if you would like us to proceed with any work necessary or instruct a third party.

Step 3 – Market the property to the appropriate target market using a variety of communication channels.

Step 4 – Once a prospective tenant application has been made, we will request a reservation fee and commence vetting procedures. A full credit check, employment history and references will be requested and investigated. If the prospective tenant is found to have poor references, credit or employment history, their application will be declined  and the property will be continued to be marketed.

Step 5 – If the applicant is acceptable, we will request a deposit and ask them to enter into a Tenancy Agreement.

Step 6 – Once let, regular property inspections will be undertaken and communicated to the landlord. We will provide you with a copy of the report and provide recommendations on any actions (if required).